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Fonts and Symmetry, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Functional Impairment and Depressive Symptoms in Rural Primary Care Patients: Mediating Effect of Health Related Quality of Life, Catherine A. Rowe, Jessica McKinney, Kayla R. Mitchell, Esther Reynolds, Hayley Wise, Daniel Watson, and Jameson K. Hirsch

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Gender and Secularity: Solving the Riddle of Gendered Religiosity, Joseph O. Baker and Buster G. Smith

Going Online! Meeting the Needs of ALL Stakeholders When Creating an Online Certification Program, Cathy Galyon Keramidas

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How Well Are Students with Students High and Low Incidence Disabilities Represented in Office Referral Data: Implications for School-Wide Positive Behavior Support?, A. Benton and James J. Fox

How Well Are Students with Students High and Low Incidence Disabilities Represented in Office Referral Data: Implications for School-Wide Positive Behavior Support?, James J. Fox and A. Benton


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Introduction to Play Therapy, Rebekah J. Byrd

It’s the Organization, not the Zombies: A Critical Organizational Interrrogation of Cabin in the Woods, Andrew F. Herrmann

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Leadership Behavior - Implications for Performance and Creativity, C. Allen Gorman

Legal and Ethical Issues in School Counseling, Rebekah J. Byrd

LGBTQ: Creating Systems of Support, Rebekah J. Byrd

LGBTQ Training and Support Evaluated: Research on School Counselors and School Counselors in Training, Rebekah J. Byrd

License Plate Mathematics: Palindromes, Graphing, & Transformations, Ryan Andrew Nivens

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Nontraditional Students Need Academic Libraries Too, Kathy Campbell and Leslie Adebonojo

No Time for Science: Integrating No Time for Science: Integrating STEM Learning with English Language Arts and Math, Karin Keith

Old Tool, New Function: Using LibGuides to Breathe New Life into the End-of-Semester Project, Kathy Campbell and Leslie Adebonojo

Paranormal America: Adventures in Qualitative, Statistical, and Subcultural Analyses, Joseph O. Baker

Participatory Fandom as Reality Convergence, Andrew R. Dunn and Andrew F. Herrmann

Performance Management Practices and Organizational Performance: System Reactions as Moderators, C. Allen Gorman, Joshua L. Ray, and C. N. Thiboxeaux

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Promoting Counselor Skill Development for LGBTQ Competency, Rebekah J. Byrd

Re-Discovering Kolchak: Elevating the Influence of the First Television Supernatural Drama, Andrew F. Herrmann

Reliability of the Mid-thigh Pull Using Bar Method or Pelvic Belt Method, Duane A. Williams, Courtney D. Hall, N. Brown, and N. Brown


Reliability of Two Alternative Methods for the Standard Mid-thigh Isometric Pull, Duane A. Williams, Courtney D. Hall, Patsy Cantor, Jennifer Williams, N. Brown, Ryan Dulling, and Ogechi Egbujor

Responding to Grant and Manuscript Reviewers' Comments, E. C. Field-Fote, R. L. Craik, Courtney D. Hall, T. E. Johnston, and J. A. Zeni

Safe Space Training- TACES Preconference Training, Rebekah J. Byrd

Scaffolding Student Reading of Informational Texts with Science Literacy Centers, Karin Keith, Huili Hong, and Renee Rice Moran

School-wide Positive Behavior Support: Successful Implemetation and Sustainability in Rural Schools, Leia Blevins and James J. Fox

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) and Sustainability: Issues and Some Solutions for Sustaining PBS in Schools, James J. Fox and Leia Blevins

Science Teaching & Learning, Laura Robertson

Self-Compassion, Stress, and coping in the Context of Chronic Illness, Fuschia M. Sirois, Jameson K. Hirsch, and Danielle S. Molnar

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Temperature Recording of Pregnant Women in Labor: Analysis of Two Non-invasive Thermometers, Joshua Longcoy, Rayan Elkattah, Brooke Foulk, Shimin Zheng, and Arsham Alamian


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The Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Adolescent Nicotine Sensitization in a Rodent Model of Schizophrenia, M. A. Schlitt, Daniel J. Peterson, Elizabeth D. Cummins, and Russell W. Brown

The Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Adolescent Nicotine Sensitization in a Rodent Model of Schizophrenia, M. A. Schlitt, Daniel J. Peterson, Elizabeth D. Cummins, and Russell W. Brown


The Evolution of Creationism, Joseph O. Baker

The Infrared Spectra of Mira Stars, Donald G. Luttermoser

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The Kansas Cattle Towns: Where Trail Meets Rail, Kenneth Estes Hall

The Nuts and Bolts of Operating a Part-time Private Practice: Tips for School Counselors, C. Quarto and Rebekah J. Byrd

The Perilous Predicament of the Aca/Fan Positionality, Andrew F. Herrmann

The Role of Emerging Technologies in Rehabilitation, Courtney D. Hall

The Transcontinental Railroad in the Western, Kenneth Estes Hall

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The Worst Supreme Court Decisions Ever! An Experimental Investigation of Agreement When the Supreme Court has Erred, Colin Glennon

This Man's Body: At What Age Do I Become my Father?, Andrew F. Herrmann

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What Professional Counseling and ETSU has to Offer You!, Rebekah J. Byrd and E Likis-Werle

Why STEM? Why Mentorship? Why Million Women Mentors?, Laura Robertson and Aimie Govett

Writing grounded in evidence from text: Teaching argument writing, Grades 6-12, Karin Keith


A Career of Research in Public Administration, Rebecca L. Keeler

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A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Management of the Dizzy Patient, Courtney D. Hall

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Management of the Dizzy Patient, Courtney D. Hall

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A Superior Form of Republicanism: James Elliot's Articulation of Free Labor Ideology and the Inequity of Slave Representation, Dinah Mayo-Bobee

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Bucking the Trend: Why Lyndon Johnson’s Supreme Court Appointments are Outliers in the Ideological Relationship Between Modern Presidents and the Justices they Nominate, Colin Glennon

Bud and Nick: My Unofficial Mentors, Andrew F. Herrmann


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