The following citations represent the scholarly and/or creative works attributed to East Tennessee State University faculty with SelectedWorks profiles.

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What I Don't Say in the Classroom, S. Oh, Donald W. Good, and A. Clements

Who's Ready to Learn Online?, Cathy Galyon Keramidas and Michael Mayton

Workshop: Designing an Online Outreach Program for Your Library, Leslie Adebonojo, Kathy Campbell, Mark Ellis, and P. Ellis

A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Factors Associated with Violation of Maine’s Legislation Prohibiting Smoking in Vehicles Containing Children, Katie Callahan, Shimin Zheng, and Xuefeng Liu

Affect and Suicidal Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Alcohol and Drug Use, Jameson K. Hirsch, K. L. Walker, S. Nsamenang, and P. Loess

African American Experiences, Dinah Mayo-Bobee

Alignment of Middle Grades Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Practice Tests to the Common Core Standards, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Analysis of Proposed Revisions to Ethics Code of American Society for Public Administration, Rebecca L. Keeler

An Impractical Agenda for the 2nd Generation of Qualitative Communication Researchers, Andrew F. Herrmann

Apaches and Comanches on the Screen, Kenneth Estes Hall

A Preliminary Survey of Performance Management Practices in the U.S., C. Allen Gorman, Joshua L. Ray, Caitlin Nugent, and Shristi Pokhrel-Willet

A Survey of Special Education Teachers' Perceptions of their Transition Competencies Involving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Ann Huang, Tammy Hughes, Lawrence Sutton, and John J. Wheeler


Best Practices for Embedded Librarians: Strategies for Successful Online Library Services, Joanna M. Anderson, Sandra Lee Hawes, Farzaneh Razzaghi, and Johanna Tunon

Building and Sustaining Research at East Tennessee State University, Cecilia A. McIntosh

Congressional Angst: Paving a Legislative Road to the War of 1812, Dinah Mayo-Bobee

Constructivist Ways to Teach Middle School Math Teachers, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Content Knowledge of Elementary Pre-Service Teachers, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Content Tests for Grades 3-8 Aligned to CCSSM, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Distance Education and InterLibrary Loan Services in Student Success: Allies in the Library, Joanna M. Anderson and Alison DePollo

Effectively Serving Young Children with Social Emotional Behavior Challenges in Preschool and the Early Grades: Combining Behavior Interventions and Assistive Technology, James J. Fox, John J. Wheeler, and Cathy Galyon Keramidas

Enhancing Treatment Fidelity within Underserved Classroom Settings Serving Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, John J. Wheeler, Michael R. Mayton, and Jie Zhang

Expectations and Experiences of Online Doctoral Students, James Lampley, Donald W. Good, and S. Abraham

Expression and Biochemical Characterization of Two Glucosyltransferases from Citrus paradisi, Shivakumar P. Devaiah and Cecelia A. McIntosh

F.A.R., F.E.S., S.A.I. or, Where Did All this Paperwork Come from?: Reflections on the First Year of the Tenure Track, Andrew F. Herrmann


Feasibility of Using Nintendo Wii Fit System to Assess Balance in Older Adults, Courtney D. Hall, C. K. Clevenger, J. Sellers Byrd, R. Wolf, J. Lin, T. M. Johnson, and S. Wolf

Gender and Race Differences in the Association between Smoking Behavior and Body Mass Index, Nuo Xu, Shimin Zheng, and Kesheng Wang

Heterologous Expression of Grapefruit Clones PGT3 and PGT9 in Yeast and Screening of Recombinant Protein for Activity, Anye Wamucho, Deborah Hayford, and Cecelia A. McIntosh

I am Angry, Anxious, Aggravated Autoethnographer, Andrew F. Herrmann

I am the Message, am I not?: Personal Branding and Secondary Orality on the Internet, Andrew F. Herrmann

I Hit the Ctrl-Alt-Del Button': Technology Professionals’ Stories of Quitting, Andrew F. Herrmann

Implementing a Spatial Smoothing Algorithm to Help Identify a Lung Cancer Belt in the United States, David Blackley, Shimin Zheng, and Winn Ketchum

Inside Assessment Centers: New Insights About Assessors, Dimensions, and Exercises, C. Allen Gorman and Duncan Jackson

Intrusiveness of Behavioral Treatments for Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Michael R. Mayton, John J. Wheeler, Ann Huang, and Erik Dobosz

Isometric and Orthogonal Views in 2-Dimensions, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Issues in Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education: Questions, Answers, & Discussion Forum, James J. Fox, John Wheeler, Pamela J. Mims, Cathy Galyon Keramidas, and M. Michaels

License Plate Mathematics: Palindromes, Graphing, & Transformations, Ryan Andrew Nivens

License Plate Math: Palindromes, Graphing, & Transformations, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Meta-Analysis of Video Modeling Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Jie Zhang, Erik Dobosz, and Michael R. Mayton


Modifying Curriculum: Area & Perimeter, Ryan Andrew Nivens

Pain and Depressive Symptoms in Primary Care Patients: Moderating Role of Positive and Negative Affect, Jameson K. Hirsch, Fuschia M. Sirois, and Edward C. Chang

Predictors of Late Stage Melanoma Diagnosis: Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients in Tennessee, Megan Quinn, Shimin Zheng, Katie Baker, and Shimin Zheng

RCMS 1980-2010: Trends in American Denominations, Christopher Bader and Joseph O. Baker

Recombination and Screening of Putative Glucosyltransferase Clone 4 in Pichia pastoris, Peri Loftis and Cecelia A. McIntosh

Sasquatch: Cultural Mythology Meets the Culture of Science, Joseph O. Baker

School-wide Behavior Support: Student Outcomes, Treatment Integrity, and Sustainability Issues, Leia Blevins, James J. Fox, and S. Salyer

Shaping the Nation: Early 19th Century America, Dinah Mayo-Bobee

Start Where They Are: Google and Google Scholar, a Gateway to Database, Joanna M. Anderson

Student Success: A Comparison of Face-To-Face and Online Sections of Community College Biology Courses, D. E. Garman and Donald W. Good

Teaching Middle School Aligned ELA Skills to Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities, Pamela J. Mims and Ann Lee

Teaching Middle School Aligned ELA Skills to Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities, Pamela J. Mims, Ann Lee, and D. Browder

…That Really Was the End for Me’: Technology Professionals’ Narrative of Voluntary Organizational Exit, Andrew F. Herrmann

The Importance of Implementing Systematic Instruction Plans for Students with Significant Disabilities, Pamela J. Mims

Theism, Sexual Politics, and the American States, Joseph O. Baker

Thinking Like a Scientist: Data Analysis in Middle and High School, Laura Robertson, Mahua Chakraborty, and Pamela J. Cromie

Topics in the Middle East, Paul Kamolnick

Trends in Apostasy and Conversion in the United States: 1972-2010, Joseph O. Baker and Buster G. Smith

Use the Tools: How Two Libraries Used their Course Management System to Provide Point-of-Need Service to Students, Leslie Adebonojo, Kathy Campbell, and Lisa Neckel

Using Data to Guide Instruction: Training Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities, Bree Jimenez and Pamela J. Mims

Using Data to Guide Instruction: Training Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities, Pamela J. Mims and Bree Jimenez

Using Peer-Mediation to Promote Social Communication Skills for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): An Evidence-Based Intervention, Jie Zhang and John J. Wheeler

Using Read Alouds of Adapted Grade-level Biographies to Promote Comprehension for Students with Severe Developmental Disabilities, M. Hudson and Pamela J. Mims

Walking in Kierkegaard’s Moment: Love and Loathing in the Church, Andrew F. Herrmann

You are Jonesboro: Tell Your Story, Andrew F. Herrmann

"You Have Pipe Bombed our Community": Clashing Metaphors and the Closing of Social Network Site, Andrew F. Herrmann

Democratic Accountability for Outsourced Government Services, Rebecca L. Keeler

Video/Audio Materials


Access Language Arts: WRITE iPad Application, Pamela J. Mims, Angel Lee, and Diana D. Browder


Blind Alfred Reed: Appalachian Visionary, Ted Olson


Access Language Arts iPad App, Pamela J. Mims, Angel Lee, Tracie-Lynn Zakas, and Diane M. Browder

Banjo Romantika American Bluegrass Music & the Czech Imagination, Lee Bidgood and Shara K. Lange


The Johnson City Sessions 1928-1929: Can You Sing Or Play Old-Time Music?, Ted Olson


Testing Tradition, Boner Daniel and East Tennessee State University Bluegrass Band