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Comparison of Short Chain Volatile Fatty Acids in the Breastmilk of Normal and Overweight/Obese Mothers
Ellen Gaskill, W Andrew Clark, Kristy L. Thomas, Amy Wahlquist, and Michelle E. Johnson


Students Teaching Students
Terri C. Knight and D. Morgan


Increasing Parental Involvement in Education: A Meta-Analytic Review
Kimberly A. Summey, Josh Boatman, Ginger Holdren, and Melissa McClain


Teaching Children to be Good Stewards of our Earth
Kelli G. Barnett, Noell Brickell, S. Ellwanger, Aimee L. Govett, J. Janaitis, Andrea R. Lowery, and Mary C. Myron


Every Day is Earth Day
D. Davis, C. Lang, Terri C. Knight, and B. Sims


Poem for Two Voices
Terri C. Knight


Spaceship Earth
Terri C. Knight

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