Most Recent Additions*


Pancake Engineering
Ryan Andrew Nivens, Laura Robertson, and Jamie Price


3 Act in Math Tasks
Ryan Andrew Nivens, Jamie Price, and Ginger Davis


Using Teacher Perspectives to Develop Integrated Lessons in STEM Learning
Ryan Andrew Nivens, Laura Robertson, and Alissa Lange


SLICE -- High School Group Report
Thomas Jones, Cerrone Foster, Reza Mohseni, Scott Honeycutt, and Ryan Andrew Nivens


Connecting Math and Science Using Vernier Probes
Denise Strong, Ryan Andrew Nivens, Deborah Smith, and Ginger Davis


The History of Career Technical Education in the USA & Nigeria
L. Matthew, J. Okpeyen, and Ryan Andrew Nivens


Mathematics Outreach via the ETSU STEM Center
Anant Bodbole and Ryan Andrew Nivens


ETSU STEM K-12 Education Certificate
Laura Robertson, Ryan Andrew Nivens, W. Courtney, A. Fissel, and D. O'Neal


Electricity and Integers Meet One-Step Equations
Lisa Reis and Ryan Andrew Nivens


Coding Literacy as a New Essential
Ryan Andrew Nivens and Tara Carver Peters

*Updated as of 08/18/18.