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Matthew Fehskens

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Literature and Language

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Joy Wachs, Isabel Gomez-Sobrino


The intimate relationship one develops with his or her native language is an experience which cannot be replicated through any amount of education. Diction, vocabulary, intonation and the connotations which accompany the many facets of language all develop along with us as we progress through life's experiences. Because of this deeply ingrained personal understanding, each individual's perspective towards a work of art, namely poetry, is completely unique to his or her experiences with the language in which it is written. Therefore, no amount of diligent translation can make a poem inhabit the same sentiment and effect in any language other than the one it was originally written in. This phenomenon will be explained in terms of several sonnets written by Garcilaso de la Vega. While the sonnets were originally written in Spanish, several translations into English will be explored in order to express the downfalls and limitations inherent in poetic translation.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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