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Satir And Relational Therapy, James Bitter, Margarita Suarez, and Judith Wagner (1997)

School-age Children’s & Adolescents’ Perceptions of the Preferred Parent While Engaging in Recreational & Non-recreational Activities, Mary R. Langenbrunner and J. Graham Disque (1997)

School-age Children's and Adolescents' Perceptions of the "Preferred" Parent while Engaging in Recreational and Nonrecreational Activities, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

What's Really Going On In Learning Centers, R. Isbell and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Youth Violence and Community Connectedness: A Solution?, Jamie Branam Kridler (1997)

Art and Music as a Process for Teaching Counseling Concepts, J. Graham Disque and D. Henderson (1996)

A Training Manual for Artists: Introduction to Looking Class Players, Jamie Branam Kridler and S. Scarborough (1996)

Integrating Narrative Therapy with Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment: The Social Construction of Change, J. Graham Disque and James R. Bitter (1996)

Piaget Teaches First Grade Math, Mary R. Langenbrunner and S. Larsen (1996)

Techniques for Enhancing Therapeutic Effectiveness, J. Graham Disque and Clifton W. Mitchell (1996)

Using Children's Literature: A Narrative Approach to Classroom Behavior, J. Graham Disque (1996)

Using Emotions in Marital Therapy, J. Graham Disque and B. Morrow (1996)

Adlerian Brief Therapy (workshops and papers), James Bitter (1995)

Adlerian Family Counseling: Toward a Therapeutic Community (pre-convention workshop), James Bitter (1995)

Brief Therapy (pre-convention workshop), James Bitter (1995)

Changing Student Reputations in Schools, J. Graham Disque and D. Henderson (1995)

Integrating Feminism With Multicultural Counseling, James Bitter and Pat Robertson (1995)

School-Age Children and Adolescents' Identification of the Preferred Parent, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1995)

School-Age Children and Adolescents' Identification of the "Preferred Parent" in Recreational and Non-Recreational Activities, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1995)

The Relationship Between Sexual Abuse and Religion, S. Miller, D. Milller, and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1995)

Using Art, Literature, Film and Music in Counselor Education, J. Graham Disque and D. Henderson (1995)

Families of the 90's, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1994)

Balancing Work and Family, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1993)

Kindergarten Teachers' Implementation of a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum: A Survey, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1993)

Issues Confronting Families of Today, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1989)

Parenting Schemas: Perceptions of the Parenting Role, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1987)

Parental Perception of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Parenting, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1986)

Sources of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Parenting, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1986)



Broaching Partially-Shared Identities: Critically Interrogating Power and Intragroup Dynamics in Counseling Practice With Trans People of Color, Adrienne N. Erby and Mickey E. White (2020)

Review of The Psychology and Economics of Happiness: Love, Life, and Positive Living, Single Edition by Lak Sung Ho, Julia M. Bernard (2018)


A Meta-Study of Journal of College Counseling (JCC) Author and Article Publication Characteristics From 1998 to 2009, Rebekah Byrd, Stephanie A. Crockett, and Bradley T. Erford (2012)

Video/Audio Materials

Experiential Therapy, J. Graham Disque (2008)

Narrative Therapy, J. Graham Disque (2008)

Counselor Supervision: Videotape Sample #6, J. Graham Disque (1997)