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Normal Childhood Sexual Development, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2008)

The Work of Byron Katie, J. Graham Disque (2008)

Working with Trauma, J. Graham Disque (2008)

From Emotion to System: Adlerian Interventions in Depression and Anxiety (pre-convention workshop), James Bitter and Paul Rasmussen (2007)

Genogram Sculpting, Mary R. Langenbrunner and J. Graham Disque (2007)

Group Consultation: Process and Practice, James Bitter and Don Yoo (2007)

Peer Mentoring, Mary R. Langenbrunner and Jamie Branam Kridler (2007)

Reclaiming Pro-Feminist Orientations in Adlerian Psychology and Therapy, James Bitter and Amanda Healey (2007)

The Sewing Circle: A Model for Community Collaboration, Jamie Branam Kridler (2007)

Utilizing Civic Engagement as a Tool for Building Resiliency Factors in Youth and Families, E. Adams and Jamie Branam Kridler (2007)

Adlerian Psychology and Spirituality: A Dialogue, James Bitter and Erik Mansager (2006)

A History of Socials Welfare in America, E. Adams and Jamie Branam Kridler (2006)

Am I an Adlerian?” Ansbacher Lecture (Keynote Address), James Bitter (2006)

Family Reconstruction, James Bitter and Don Yoo (2006)

Parenting for the 21st Century, James Bitter (2006)

Service-Learning as a Quality Initiative for K-12, Teresa Brooks Taylor (2006)

Stabilizing Families to Strengthen Communities: Using Community Based Action Research to Develop Strategies for Increasing Civic Engagement in Citizens of Rural Appalachia, E. Adams and Jamie Branam Kridler (2006)

Working With Culturally Diverse Families, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2006)

Adlerian Family Therapy: Innovations and Creative Process,” Invited Address,, James Bitter (2005)

Awareness & Contact: Developing Social Interest in Individual Therapy, James Bitter (2005)

Early Childhood Reading Enhanced through University, College, and Childcare Facilities Partnership, Jamie Branam Kridler, M. Wyatt, and C. A. Peters (2005)

PACE and the Rhythms of Therapy, James Bitter (2005)

Purpose and Contribution: Value and Meaning in the World of Work,” Keynote Address,, James Bitter (2005)

University, Medical School, School System Partnership Creates Cross Disciplinary Service-Learning Opportunities, Jamie Branam Kridler, Elizabeth F. Lowe, and Mary R. Langenbrunner (2005)

Approaches to Bullying in Schools, J. Graham Disque (2004)

Early Recollections, Emotions, and Experience: In Appreciation of Ed and Barbara Janoe,”, James Bitter (2004)

Experiential Approaches to Parenting, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (2004)

Families & Divorce: Experiential Methods for Working With Families in Transition, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (2004)

Justus Troupe Performance Poetry Group, Jamie Branam Kridler (2004)

Lessons Learned: Experiences Result in Curricula and Course Revisions, Jamie Branam Kridler, Elizabeth F. Lowe, K. Heier, and K. Webb (2004)

When Families Divorce, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2004)

Youth Mentoring to Prevent Destructive Behaviors: A Partnership Between Higher Education and Secondary Students and Faculty, E. F. Lowe, Jamie Branam Kridler, K. Webb, and K. Heier (2004)

Court-Mandated Parenting Classes and the Future: Is Psycho Education All We Have to Offer?, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (2003)

Court-Mandated Parenting Classes & the Future: Is Psychoeducation All We Have to Offer?, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2003)

Defining Youth Violence and Identifying Strategies for Intervention and Prevention, Jamie Branam Kridler (2003)

Divorce Mediation, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2003)

Findings From A Court-Mandated Parenting Education Seminar, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2003)

Identifying Children at Risk for Violence and Developing Practical Strategies for Protective Factors, Jamie Branam Kridler (2003)

Integrating Service Learning and Community Partnerships Across Departmental Curricula, Jamie Branam Kridler and Elizabeth F. Lowe (2003)

Mind-Body Approaches to Supervision, J. Graham Disque and Clifton W. Mitchell (2003)

The Impact of a Nutrition Education Curriculum on the Life Skills Knowledge of Juvenile Offenders in a Youth Center, K. Blevins, Elizabeth F. Lowe, Jamie Branam Kridler, and Mary R. Langenbrunner (2003)

Adlerian Interventions in the Process of Change, Keynote Address, James Bitter (2002)

Adlerian Interventions with Angry Children and their Families, James Bitter (2002)

Expanding Community Partnership Grants: Johnson City Brand Audit, Jamie Branam Kridler (2002)

Integrating Feminism in Multicultural Counseling Sessions, James Bitter (2002)

Senior Interns and Faculty Partnerships with Chamber of Commerce Research Projects, Jamie Branam Kridler (2002)

The Relationship – Intervention Continuum: Two Approaches to Adlerian Brief Therapy, James Bitter and Bill Nicoll (2002)

A Creative Comprehensive “Exam”: Utilizing Videos to Understand Counseling Perspectives, J. Graham Disque (2001)

Bibliotherapy: The Healing Power of Books, Mary R. Langenbrunner and Stacy Larsen (2001)

Communication: Getting Your Needs Met, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2001)

Divorce Mediation: What Is It?, Mary R. Langenbrunner and A. Disque (2001)

Experiencing the Process of Change,” Keynote Address, James Bitter (2001)

Impact of In-School Programs on High Risk Children, Jamie Branam Kridler (2001)

Is the Brain Really Like A Computer? Information Processing Theory: Implications for Working With Children, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2001)

Johnson City Strategies for Marketing and Brand Audit, Jamie Branam Kridler and J. Burgess (2001)

Process and Movement in Therapy, Keynote Address,, James Bitter (2001)

Service-Learning in Higher Education: Partnering With Your Local College, Teresa Brooks Taylor (2001)

The Role of Family and Consumer Sciences Professional in Youth Violence Prevention Initiatives, Jamie Branam Kridler (2001)

An Experiential Look at Socially Constructed Stories About “Alternative Lifestyles”, J. Graham Disque (2000)

Being Intentional: Active Learning, Student Reflection, Teresa Brooks Taylor (2000)

Cocke County Lives and Heritages: Youth Video Project, Jamie Branam Kridler and Terry M. Hickson (2000)

Does Gray Matter? The Impact of Television Viewing on the Brain Development of Children, Mary R. Langenbrunner (2000)

Evaluating Youth Violence in a Rural Community, Jamie Branam Kridler (2000)

Getting Started: Service-Learning 101, Teresa Brooks Taylor (2000)

Student Affairs As Leaders and Conveners: Building Partnership, Teresa Brooks Taylor (2000)

Adlerian Brief Therapy with Individuals, James Bitter (1999)

Adlerian Family Counseling, James Bitter (1999)

Admissions Process in Counselor Education: Challenges as We Move Toward 2000!, J. Graham Disque, P. E. Robertson, and Clifton W. Mitchell (1999)

Adolescent Development, James Bitter (1999)

Counseling or Psychotherapy: Adlerian Counseling in North America (pre-convention panel discussion), James Bitter (1999)

Kids Say the Darndest Things: A Piagetian Interpretation, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1999)

Lifestyle Assessment with Early Recollections, James Bitter (1999)

Mistaken Notions of Adults with Children, James Bitter (1999)

Narrative Therapy in the Classroom: Honoring Diversity, J. Graham Disque and P. E. Robertson (1999)

Using Reflective Teams in Supervision: Benefits for Clients, Counselors, & Team Members, J. Graham Disque and P. E. Robertson (1999)

Admissions Process: What Are We Really Trying to Assess?, J. Graham Disque and P. E. Robertson (1998)

Coping with Divorce, J. Graham Disque (1998)

Narrative Therapy with Children and Adolescents, J. Graham Disque (1998)

Who’s Caring for the Children?, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1998)

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A Model Depicting the Influences on the Development of Children's Self-Concept, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

A Narrative Approach for a Residential Adolescent Treatment Facility, J. Graham Disque (1997)

An Intergenerational Approach to Curtailing the Pollution of a Major Corporation: The Case of the Pigeon River and the People of Cocke County, Jamie Branam Kridler (1997)

Children's Literature As A Resource for Enhancing Self-Concept, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Children's Reputations: Narrative Systems in Schools, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Children's Reputations: Narrative Systems in Schools, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Counselor Educator Networking, J. Graham Disque (1997)

D-i-v-o-r-c-e: Facilitating the Adjustment Process for Children, Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Dreikurs’ Holistic Medicine: An Overview, James Bitter and Cynthia Carr (1997)

Gestalt Art Therapy for Children of All Ages, J. Graham Disque (1997)

IDEA Exchange for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, J. Graham Disque and C. L. Thompson (1997)

I'm Having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: How to Use Children's Literature to Enhance Children's Social Interaction in the Classroom, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Marriage Enrichment Workshop, J. Graham Disque (1997)

Narrative Therapy: Deconstructing Guilt and Reauthoring Innocence, J. Graham Disque (1997)

Predicting Excellence: The Admissions Process in Counselor Education, J. Graham Disque, Clifton W. Mitchell, and P. E. Robertson (1997)

Satir And Relational Therapy, James Bitter, Margarita Suarez, and Judith Wagner (1997)

School-age Children’s & Adolescents’ Perceptions of the Preferred Parent While Engaging in Recreational & Non-recreational Activities, Mary R. Langenbrunner and J. Graham Disque (1997)

School-age Children's and Adolescents' Perceptions of the "Preferred" Parent while Engaging in Recreational and Nonrecreational Activities, J. Graham Disque and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

What's Really Going On In Learning Centers, R. Isbell and Mary R. Langenbrunner (1997)

Youth Violence and Community Connectedness: A Solution?, Jamie Branam Kridler (1997)