Background: Interprofessional Education (IPE) can improve teamwork among future healthcare professionals, but the academic structural environment can be a barrier to its implementation.

Methods and Results: Students from seven professional programs (athletic training. exercise science, nursing, nutrition, public health, social work, and speech-language pathology) participated in a two-part IPE program consisting of: a web-based education module and an in-person interactive workshop. Students were administered a deidentified pre/post survey to assess changes in their knowledge and attitudes toward IPE. A total of 54 students participated in both components with 46 students completing both surveys. After participating in the IPE program, significantly more students reported changes in 10 of the 18 items on the survey, particularly differentiating the roles of each profession and the benefits of interprofessional collaboration in their future careers.

Conclusion: This program increased students’ understanding of the roles of different health professions. Implementing an IPE program is beneficial for enhancing student knowledge and changing attitudes toward IPE.