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Honors in Technology, Honors in Business

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Todd Emma

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Digital Media

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James Livingston


This project demonstrates opening cinematic design from conceptualization to final composition. Using Unreal Engine 5, I created an opening cutscene using Unreal’s sequencer editor to film and edit my shots. This document presents the steps I took to create my sequence from the writing process to the final layout. Starting as a written story, I worked my way to the final project by creating a mock scene and storyboarding. After this, I built my scene using assets from the Unreal marketplace and lit my scene with HDRI and dynamic lighting. I encountered many new programs such as Cascade and Mixamo to create and edit particle effects for my scene and animations for my protagonist character. I created unique sound effects for the level, recorded my shots with movement and color correction, and edited the final composition.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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