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Lorianne Mitchell

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Management and Marketing

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Kelly Price


“Sustainability is increasingly important to consumers as they consider not only the effects products they buy have on their personal health, but also the impact they have on our wildlife, soil, and the people who work at every level of the supply chain. As climate change has moved from a future concern to a present reality, going green has become a driving force for innovation in every industry, including beauty” (Linkage, 2020). The importance of ethical and sustainable products is on the rise in the beauty industry, it is becoming increasingly apparent that having ethical and clean products are important to customers. This research used a quantitative design to explore whether consumers find it important to look for sustainable and ethical cosmetic products when purchasing from a company. The research findings indicate female consumers and those aged 18-34 are the ones most likely to stop purchasing from companies that test on animals. Findings also indicate that compared to males, female consumers find sustainable/eco-friendly products to be important when purchasing cosmetics.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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