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Cara Harker, Melissa Shafer

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Cara Harker, Melissa Shafer


Dancing While Pregnant by Teagen Boyle is about a very important question any female athlete may find themselves asking. How can I continue my sport while pregnant? Pregnancy is very strenuous and takes a toll on the human body; however, it is very important to stay healthy and continue exercising. Dance is a safe, no-contact sport that is really on the terms of the dancer. Therefore, dance is most likely a fun, safe form of exercise for pregnant women. Diving into research and looking up articles one may find little to no research. That is because there is barely any research done on safe forms of exercise for pregnant women. Through deduction and reasoning and others research a conclusion was found. By assessing the few women who do embrace dance during their pregnancy it was found to have numerous benefits. While there are always restrictions, especially when carrying a baby, the benefits were plentiful while the cons were minute. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy has been research and many pros are shown. For example, mothers who exercise show less complications during labor and delivery, healthier mom and baby, and improved mood in mom. Not only are the physical aspects important but so are the emotional ones. Emotionally pregnancy is a rollercoaster and there is nothing anyone can do for it. Although, exercise and specifically dance has been shown to improve mood and improve mood especially in pregnant women. Overall, dancing as a safe form of exercise during pregnancy is recommended with a doctor's approval.


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