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Jason Steadman

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Jason Steadman



Self- perception is defined as the “distinctive combination of personality characteristics and social style by which one defines oneself and by which one is recognized by others” In children, self-perception can influence how they will approach a new situation, whether that is in school, at home, or a public outing with their family. Our study aims to expand on this research by defining the relationships between proximal influences, global self- worth, self- perception, behavioral conduct and how youth’s temperament influences these variables. We will be using the Rothbart Temperament Questionnaire and the Susan Harter Self- Perception Profiles to obtain data for our study. We hypothesize that youth’s temperament will affect two specific domains on the Susan Harter Self- Perception Profiles. We found that based on parents’ reports of their child’s temperament, a higher level of negative affectivity decreases the child report of self-perceived behavioral conduct.


East Tennessee State University

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