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Honors in Technology

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David Tarnoff

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Computer and Information Sciences


Electronic gadgets such as touchpads and smartphones are becoming more popular in business and everyday life. The main advantage of mobile devices over personal computers is their portability. Cellular data plans allow Internet access without having permanent access point. There is a number of web-based applications available for gadgets. The primary goal of these apps is to provide their services through constant Internet access. However, it may affect the operation of both devices and applications. The objective of this thesis is to find a better way of client/server data synchronization in iOS development that can reduce the negative consequences of constant Internet access such as Internet traffic consumption, reduced battery life and cover area limitation of cellular services. As the result of the conducted research, the "FollowQTM" application was developed. Despite the fact, that the application is synchronized with web server, it does not require constant Internet access to operate.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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