Team-Based Care for Postpartum Depression in a Pediatric Clinic

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The aim of this presentation is to describe the development, implementation, and one-year outcomes of a team-delivered, evidence-based protocol to identify and address postpartum depression in a pediatric primary care clinic. The presentation will include: 1) a description of the development process based on implementation science, 2) engaging activities for the audience such as a video illustration of the protocol itself, and providing an opportunity to learn and practice administering the Ecomap, an evidence-based assessment for social determinants of health, and 3) data from a records review showing outcomes. Additionally, this presentation will illuminate barriers and facilitators at varying levels to team-based healthcare in general and within this specific clinic. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the inception and development of a stepped-care protocol set within a pediatric primary care clinic as conceptualized by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research.
  • Describe the function and utility of an Ecomap to understand a family's social determinants of health.
  • Apply the RE-AIM model to evaluate a clinical intervention implemented within an interdisciplinary pediatric primary care clinic.


Charlotte, NC

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