The Influence of Repeat Attendance and Stakeholder Type on Value Co-creation in Recurring Sport Event Setting

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Building on Service-Dominant Logic, the Sport Value Framework, and the Psychological Continuum Model, this study is a micro-level perspective of value co-creation in spectator sport. By examining sport through the VCC lens, the dual role of the customer as both a contributor to and a beneficiary of value is acknowledged and the importance of stakeholder interactions is emphasized. The objective of this study was to develop a conceptual model of sport consumption value co-creation, to analyze the extent to which two theoretically and managerially important factors—attendance frequency (i.e., first-time attendee vs. repeat attendee) and stakeholder type (i.e., local resident vs. domestic traveler)—impact value co-creation in the recurring live sport event setting. Findings suggest that antecedent value propositions may have a stronger association with economic components of value for first-time spectators, but a stronger association with hedonic and social value dimensions for repeat spectators—and for domestic travelers, organization-related value propositions can have a stronger influence on hedonic value than is experienced by local residents.


Reykjavik, Iceland

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