Successful Stepdown Treatment of Pulmonary Histoplasmosis With Thrice-Weekly Liposomal Amphotericin B in a Hospital-Associated, Outpatient Infusion Centre: A Case Report

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What is known and objective: Amphotericin is the preferred treatment for pulmonary histoplasmosis during pregnancy. The long half-life of amphotericin supports less than daily administration. Case summary: A 28-year-old pregnant woman diagnosed with recurrent pulmonary histoplasmosis was initiated on liposomal amphotericin 250 mg (4 mg/kg) intravenously daily. After 2 weeks, the patient was discharged and successfully received 250 mg thrice weekly at a hospital-associated outpatient infusion centre. After 6 weeks of outpatient treatment, a chest X-ray demonstrated no remaining disease and therapy was discontinued. What is new and conclusion: Administration of thrice-weekly liposomal amphotericin in a hospital-associated, outpatient infusion centre may be a promising option for stepdown treatment in patients unable to take itraconazole.