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Dialectical Tensions, Relationship Dissolution, and Writing the New Ethnography, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

Discourses of Horror TV: Kolchak, Twin Peaks, and the Supernatural Drama, Andrew F. Herrmann (2017)

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Stories about Difference, Delanna Reed (2014)

Every Story Paints a Picture Don't It? Writing Stories of Comic Shopes, Barbershops, and Other Ethnographic Stops, Andrew F. Herrmann (2015)

Every Story Paints a Picture Don't It? Writing Stories of Comic Shopes, Barbershops, and Other Ethnographic Stops, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

F.A.R., F.E.S., S.A.I. or, Where Did All this Paperwork Come from?: Reflections on the First Year of the Tenure Track, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)

Fierce Competitors: Cohabitating Morbidities, Caregiving Approaches, and Work/Life “Balance”, Amber E. Kinser (2017)

Fighting Fear and Finding Home: The Quest for an Authentic Career, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

Gendered and Feminist Performances in the Social ‘Theater of Food’, Amber E. Kinser (2013)

Ghosts of the Heart: a Sociological and Autoethnographic Exploration of Things that Go Bump in the Night, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

Grit, Flaw, and Mama Moxie, Amber E. Kinser (2012)


Health, Wellness, and Illness in Appalachia, Katie Baker, Kelly A. Dorgan, Rebecca Adkins Fletcher, Sadie P. Hutson, and Amber E. Kinser (2017)

I am Angry, Anxious, Aggravated Autoethnographer, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)

I am the Message, am I not?: Personal Branding and Secondary Orality on the Internet, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)


‘I’d be telling…’: Women’s Stories about Well/Illness in their Communities, Families, and Bodies, Kelly A. Dorgan, Kathryn L. Duvall, and Amber E. Kinser (2015)

I Hit the Ctrl-Alt-Del Button': Technology Professionals’ Stories of Quitting, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)

“I just became a chair, now what?” A Womentoring Panel Sponsored by Women’s Caucus, Amber E. Kinser (2015)

Intersecting the Tensions of Picky Eaters and Limited Income: Narratives of Working Mothers’ Discussion of (En)Gendering Feeding Practices, Katherine J. Denker and Amber E. Kinser (2014)

It’s the Organization, not the Zombies: A Critical Organizational Interrrogation of Cabin in the Woods, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

Kierkegaardian Seductions: Ambiguity and Edification in the Student-Teacher Relationship, Andrew F. Herrmann (2017)

"Killing in the Name of…." Organizational Logic, Ethics, and Discourses in The Cabin in the Woods, Andrew F. Herrmann (2016)

Let’s Fix Dinner”: Motherhood and the Discourse of the Family Meal, Amber E. Kinser (2015)

Living a Father's Unfinished Narrative, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

Living Stories of Working Lives: Personal Narratives in Organizations, Andrew F. Herrmann (2016)

Managing the Digs: Narrative Excavations of Family, Home, and Elder Care, Amber E. Kinser (2018)

Maternal Impact and the Push for ‘Frequent Family Dinners.’, Amber E. Kinser (2012)

Meal Memories: Women Navigating Family Well-Being in Foodwork, Amber E. Kinser (2015)

Motherhood and Family Meals in Appalachia, Amber E. Kinser (2013)

Mothers and Daughters: The Conversations Continue, Amber E. Kinser (2013)

Mothers of Southern Central Appalachia: Family Guides through Health, Kelly A. Dorgan (2015)

Mucking Around: A Co-authored Organizational Autoethnography, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

Murder as an Organizational Externality: The Case of The Cabin in the Woods, Andrew F. Herrmann (2015)

Navigating Family Cancer Communication: Communication Strategies of Female Cancer Survivors in South Central Appalachia, Kathryn L. Duvall, Kelly A. Dorgan, and Sadie P. Hutson (2013)

Omnibus Survivorship Narratives: Multiple Morbidities among Female Cancer Survivors in South Central Appalachia, Kelly A. Dorgan, Kathryn L. Duvall, and Sadie P. Hutson (2013)

Organizational Corruption: Problematic Portrayals of the "Virtuous" Employee, Andrew F. Herrmann (2016)

Organizational Power, Patriarchy, and Technology, Andrew F. Herrmann (2016)

Participatory Fandom as Reality Convergence, Andrew R. Dunn and Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

Personal Identity Changes of Female Cancer Survivors in Southern Appalachia, Kathryn L. Duvall, Kelly A. Dorgan, and Sadie P. Hutson (2012)

Polymediated Communiation and the Autoethnographic Urge, Andrew F. Herrmann (2015)

Putting It All on the Table: Mealtimes and Stages of Identity, Amber E. Kinser (2012)

Re-Discovering Kolchak: Elevating the Influence of the First Television Supernatural Drama, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

Riding the Rails: Stories of Southern Appalachia Railroad History, Delanna Reed (2014)

Round Peg in a Square Hole: Lesbian Teachers’ Stories of Fitting In, Delanna Reed (2016)

Stigmatized at the Comic Book Shop? An Ethnography of Collectors, Accumulators, and Other Forms of Geek, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

Stories of Strong Women Presented for Women Cancer Survivor Retreat, Oncology Services, Delanna Reed (2012)

Story Program of Nathan Gann, Pioneer, Delanna Reed (2013)

Storytelling, Multiple Intelligences and Curriculum Standards, Delanna Reed (2013)

Surviving Cancer and Mothering in Appalachia, Kelly A. Dorgan, Kathryn L. Duvall, and Amber E. Kinser (2012)

Telling Lesbian Teacher’s Stories through Performance Ethnography, Delanna Reed (2013)

Telling Stories about Cohabitating Morbidities: Female Cancer Survivors’ Interconnecting Illness Narratives in Southern Central Appalachia, Kelly A. Dorgan, Kathryn L. Duvall, and Sadie P. Hutson (2013)

…That Really Was the End for Me’: Technology Professionals’ Narrative of Voluntary Organizational Exit, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)

That Which Should Not Be Spoken”: Dealing with the Dangerous Words of Diversity in the Basic Communication Course, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

The Balance of Public and Private Identities for Lesbian Teachers, Delanna Reed (2012)

The Creation of Profs Do Pop!: A Critical Examination of Popular Culture Communities, Art Herbig, A. Watson, Andrew F. Herrmann, and A. Tyma (2017)

The Exotic Other: Multiculturalism and Storytelling, Delanna Reed (2014)

The First-timer's Guide to Book Editing, Andrew F. Herrmann (2015)

The Nature and Management of Shame from a Multiple Identities StructurationPerspective, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

The Perilous Predicament of the Aca/Fan Positionality, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

The Scoobies, The Council, The Whirlwind, The Initiative: Portrayals of Organizing in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Andrew F. Herrmann, Julia Barnhill, and Mary C. Poole (2013)

This Man's Body: At What Age Do I Become my Father?, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

"Threading" through the Whedonverse: A Polymediated Autoethnography, Andrew F. Herrmann (2016)

Trujillo the Trickster: Trouble in the Sign of Love, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

(Un)becoming Dasein: Heidegger’s Techné, and the Rhizomatic Dilemma of “Being” on the Internet, Andrew F. Herrmann (2013)

Understanding Complexity in a Polymediated Age, Andrew F. Herrmann (2014)

Walking in Kierkegaard’s Moment: Love and Loathing in the Church, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)

Xander Harris and the Interrogation of American Masculine Rhetoric, Andrew F. Herrmann and Art Herbig (2016)

You are Jonesboro: Tell Your Story, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)

"You Have Pipe Bombed our Community": Clashing Metaphors and the Closing of Social Network Site, Andrew F. Herrmann (2012)



Book Review of Love and Money: Queers, Class, and Cultural Production by Lisa Henderson, C. Wesley Buerkle (2014)


Book Review of Reading Joss Whedon, Andrew F. Herrmann (2015)