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Honors in Nursing

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Kimberly Sell

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Florence Weierbach, Joyce Duncan, Stacey Wild


Cognitive decline increasingly plague older adults. Although various studies have correlated aerobic exercises with decreased incidence of the development and progression of cognitive deterioration in older adults, there is no evidence as to whether or not the Wii Fit Plus Rhythm Kung-Fu, Hula-Hoop and the Wii Just Dance can improve the cognitive function of older adults as measured by the Standardized Mini Mental State Examination (SMMSE) instrument. A descriptive study design was used to explore the feasibility of implementing an aerobic exercise program for older adults in an assisted living facility using these Wii games, and evaluating whether or not older adults enjoyed playing the games. A sample of N =5 participants in the East Tennessee region of Appalachia completed the study in an assisted living facility. The games lasted from 5-20 minutes per session, twice a week for four weeks. Pre/post descriptive analysis of survey questions suggested that the sample enjoyed playing the games and these games may be feasible to implement in future studies. However, a larger, randomized, controlled research study is needed to further investigate the effect of these games on the cognitive status of this population.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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