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Dr. Joshua Reid

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Dr. David Jones


Food relates to the experience of life, survival, and memory. It impacts us every day, whether we have plenty of it or not. It influences our memories and connects us to one another, while structuring details of our identities and cultures. As a creative writer and English major, I recognize that food influences a story to accentuate literary concepts and unveil them, such as a character’s compassion or the poison that a villain uses to unfold the plot. The best example of food as an impactful device within a story is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. From the first chapter onward, Collins grants food deeper relevance in her book’s themes, the characters’ lives, and the world of Panem. Food studies explore the impact of food on societies and the world, which underly the concept of food as a device in the Hunger Games. For this thesis, I will explain specific utilizations of food as a literary device in the Hunger Games as it functions in world building, characterization, and plot momentum.


East Tennessee State University

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