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Honors in Mathematics

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Dr. Michele Joyner

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Dr. JeanMarie Hendrickson


For any company involved in sales, maximization of profit is the driving force that guides all decision-making. Many factors can influence how profitable a company can be, including external factors like changes in inflation or consumer demand or internal factors like pricing and product cost. Understanding specific trends in one's own internal data, a company can readily identify problem areas or potential growth opportunities to help increase profitability.

In this discussion, we use an extensive data set to examine how a company might analyze their own data to identify potential changes the company might investigate to drive better performance. Based upon general trends in the data, we recommend potential actions the company could take. Additionally, we examine how a company can utilize predictive modeling to help them adapt their decision-making process as the trends identified from the initial analysis of the data evolve over time.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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