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Midway Honors

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Jonathan Hounshell, Saritdikhun Somasa

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Digital Media

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Saritdikhun Somasa


This creative thesis explores the process of visual development and how one can apply it to their own body of work. Visual Development encompasses the entire concept design process, from the idea to the final design. Vis Dev artists document their journey to depict how an idea becomes a fully refined and polished concept. They illustrate a wide variety of elements, such as characters, costuming, props, and environments. The development of all of these factors then allows the artist to cultivate an imaginative and creative world that could be used for multiple forms of entertainment, such as animated films, video games, and comics. This project follows the visual development process to create a lineup of 4 space-themed circus characters, their pose and expression sheets, and 2 key illustrations.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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