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Florence Weierbach

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Wanda Franklin


Type 1 diabetes [T1D] is an autoimmune disease that presents in a pathophysiological disorder as insulin deficiency. Managing this illness during childhood is a constant challenge of maintaining blood glucose levels within a healthy range, resulting in increased stress for children and caregivers. School attendance is one factor that may result in increased stress. Studies have highlighted the fact that teachers of students with T1D may receive little education regarding management of the disease and may be required to make accommodations which can result in confusion, miscommunication, and increased psychosocial stress. The goal of this research was to learn about the experiences of teachers of students with T1D, what is expected of them, what resources they have, and factors which they perceive as barriers or facilitators to education for students with T1D. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with two high school teachers in East Tennessee who had experience teaching students with T1D. The results of the interviews showed that teachers receive limited education, that they are expected to make accommodations such as having snacks on hand and allowing extra access to phones, and that there are perceived barriers to education of individuals with T1D due to the possibility of life-threatening events. The teachers reported that school nurses are involved in the care of students with T1D. Limitations include that only two teachers were interviewed, and while the results are important to take into consideration, saturation was not reached. Future research could include more in-depth interviews or surveys with school nurses.


East Tennessee State University

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