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Pearl Ume-Nwagbo

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Joy Wachs


As the United States population becomes more culturally diverse, it has become a priority for health care professionals to competently provide culturally sensitive care. Cultural competency is required in baccalaureate (BSN) programs, mandated by collegiate nursing accrediting agencies. Although BSN programs have integrated cultural competency education into their core curricula, little data has been collected evaluating outcomes and effectiveness. Using a 36 question survey, students in all levels of a selected BSN program were asked questions regarding cultural competency and attitudes towards cultural care. The ANOVA and a Tukey Kramer analyses were performed with an alpha coefficient of 0.05 and a confidence interval of 95%. The results revealed some statistically significant differences between several cohorts. Additionally, Cohort 5 (students in the last semester of the nursing program) did not differ significantly to Cohorts 2,3, and 4, indicating that current cultural competency education may not be adequate or effectively taught as students progress through the BSN program.

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