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Kelly Price-Rhea

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Management and Marketing

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Lana Becker


Within the retail sector, two sections have grown drastically with the help of each other in the past decade. Those two sections include online retail and second-hand retail. Online retail has grown remarkably due to the implementation of online atmospherics. This phenomenon led to the purpose of this study: to observe the online atmospherics present in online second-hand retail. To achieve this purpose, the literature related to online retail, target audience, motivations of consumers, reselling, and online second-hand apps was explored. For this study, five online second-hand retail sites were chosen. Eighteen of the most common online atmospherics were observed to be present, not present, or unable to determine in these online second-hand retail sites. Results showed notable findings including the importance of white space. Based upon the results of this study, managerial implications are offered.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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