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Michael Ramsey

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Sport, Exercise, Recreation and Kinesiology

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Brian Espino


The purpose of this research is to piece together proven techniques for injury prevention and rehabilitation in runners and use this information to outline the best techniques to make invulnerable the body of a runner and maximally enhance his or her performance. This review will cover the specific muscles that, when strengthened or stretched, are closest linked to improved performance when running. Furthermore, shared characteristics of specific running injuries will be made, as well as examinations of debates for effective running injury rehabilitation strategies. By doing this, an understanding of running related injuries, and the studied exercises and techniques that can treat them, can be created. In order to prevent injury and improve the efficiency of a runner’s body, it is vital to piece together unique contemporary beliefs and disprove or uphold certain old views on which exercises work to build specific muscles involved in running mechanics within a variety of populations.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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