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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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James Livingston, Todd Emma, Scott Koterbay

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Digital Media

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Jessica Dunker, Todd Emma


This thesis project will focus on the symbolism and artistic interpretation of how I perceive reality. This thesis project uses all artistic skills that I have acquired throughout my lifetime and combines them into one mixed digital media video. This is a mix between the two digital media formats 2D and 3D. Each animation and segment syncs with the music selected manually or technically. The process of creation for each segment and explaining which software I choose to use for each task. It also dives a little further, noting the artistic decisions and why. The symbolism used within the art piece is addressed and explained. Anything not discussed is open to personal interpretation and encourages the viewers to think individually further into the topics. The usage of this art style / art form is discussed and researched on where it can be found in usage outside of the music industry. Also, stating the popularity and accreditation this style receives from casually mass viewing. In summary, the art style of surrealism and abstract shapes in addition to the art form of mixed digital media, consumers indulge this art archetype worldwide. It can be useable within music visuals, ambient relaxation, modern art galleries, video games, and progressive advertising. Thus, making this art viable in multiple parts of the economy and creating consistent trends of revenue increasing. With the consistent growth of technology use, complimentary style to electronic music, and viable formatting for social media this art style is predicted to drastically grow in demand within the next coming years.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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