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Fine and Performing Arts Honors, Honors in English

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Chelsea Wessels

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Literature and Language

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Matthew Holtmeier


Words are fickle, easily misunderstood, and often put us at a loss... but we all have so much we feel we need to express. This begs the question: Is there any safe way of communication? Can anything ever really be communicated how you mean it? Will you ever see the reflection of what you feel, think, and dream outside of yourself? In response to this existential dilemma, I imagine an alternative language of images, sounds, color, feelings, and non-identification. My thesis is a meditation on the issues with standard language and the idea of alternative language. In my argument I understand language as a medium, and communication as an art for which we choose the medium that best conveys what we need to express. Through an experimental audiovisual collage film, I grapple with the phenomenon of the inexpressible and play with alternative ways that we can communicate more effectively and truthfully– with an emphasis on image-language.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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