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Greta Marek

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Greta Marek, Mary Campbell


Acute cystitis (AC) is characterized by a sudden inflammation of the bladder caused by bacteria. The severity of AC ranges from mild to severe and may be recurrent, especially in at-risk populations. Bacteria in the bladder may travel further into the urinary system, causes urinary tract infections (UTI’s) resulting in urosepsis. Hygienic procedures play a large role in decreasing the bacteria that causes AC, so it is important for nursing students to understand and correctly apply the knowledge learned throughout the curriculum. This study focused on the knowledge and understanding nursing students have about AC. To determine this information, a short questionnaire was emailed to nursing students using the Checkbox software. A letter to potential participants included information about the study and consent was obtained when the participant chose to complete the survey. The survey consisted of seven questions on demographic data, AC, sterile versus medical asepsis, and hand hygiene. Frequency tables were used to determine differences in knowledge and understanding of the questions. The results of this study showed that nursing students need to review material on acute cystitis, hand hygiene, and medical versus surgical asepsis. These findings are consistent with literature that has suggested nursing students may need to review information about AC and its related concepts.


East Tennessee State University

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