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Joel Faidley

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The objective of this thesis paper is to answer the question: is robotic process automation efficient/beneficial and should accountants consider its implementation? For accountants, robotic process automation is a software that “perform[s] tasks such as processing sales and financial transactions, managing data, communicating between different systems, and access management, as well as monitoring and reporting” (Seasongood, 2016). In order to determine whether or not RPA should be implemented, a survey was found that had over 500 responses from varying companies currently using RPA. A statistical analysis will be performed in order to determine if any statistical significances exist between questions (both the benefits and challenges of RPA), by countries, by employee sizes, and by business functions. Based on the results, a conclusion will be provided on RPA’s implementation into the accounting field.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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