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Jean Swindle

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Julia T. Atiles


A large pool of reviewed literature and studies suggest that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) provides a multitude of developmental benefits to early childhood-aged children. The focus of this study was to assess whether SEL techniques were utilized within early care and education programs throughout the East Tennessee region and to investigate the relationship between SEL techniques and teacher self-efficacy. Sixteen early childhood teachers in the East Tennessee region completed a survey that gauged both their exposure and usage of SEL techniques in the classroom and their teacher self-efficacy. Findings showed that teachers primarily implemented self-studied SEL techniques in the classroom with the majority having not received any professional training. This project also found that teachers had high teacher self-efficacy, relating to their willingness and ability to efficiently implement SEL techniques. Results support the hypothesis that early childhood teachers are knowledgeable and capable of implementing SEL techniques within the classroom. However, a lack of professional training and direct SEL program implementation may affect the guarantee of efficiency and effectiveness within the implementation to students.


East Tennessee State University

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