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Tom Kwasigroch

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Rob Becker


The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 placed constraints on several aspects of normal life, especially those of higher level education. While many programs moved to teaching in a strictly online format, there are some courses in which this structure was not appropriate. This study observed the outcome of the adapted course structure employed at Quillen College of Medicine during their Gross Human Anatomy course. Through a voluntary survey and multiple independent t-tests, it was demonstrated that the students who took the adapted course performed, on average, 2 points lower on each exam than previous classes. Also, this study showed that there was no statistically significant impact on student performance caused by the instituted safety measures, specifically quarantining. Finally, students had no distinct preference in regards to the structure of the course as it related to their learning experience. The overall conclusion of this study was that this course, despite its modified structure and additional safety measures, taught students effectively and maintained the safety of all individuals involved.


East Tennessee State University

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