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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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Robert Funk

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Cara Harker, Karen Smith


Who was Joan of Arc? That was the first question in my mind before I began my journey of studying this remarkable young woman. I had no idea how special she was. I thought she was just another historical figure that gets lost in history books. All I really knew about her was that she was burned at the stake. What I didn't know was that she led a country's army into battle at the age of seventeen.The adaptation of Mark Twain's novel, Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc into a full length play involves in-depth research into French and English society, religion, war strategy, The Hundred Years War and many other aspects that affected the young Jehanne d'Arc. Research also included in-depth study of the life of Mark Twain. After months of research, the playwriting process began. The process ending with new knowledge in playwriting, dramatic structure and a work that reflects how Joan of Arc can inspire an individual as a true heroine. A staged reading of the play, Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, was presented on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at the Next Door in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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