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Greta Marek

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Melessia Webb


An integrative review was used to examine the effects of being a tutor versus not being a tutor. The matrix method was used to guide the research process, to identify articles that met the inclusion criteria, and to reduce data into common topics of peer tutoring. The results of the integrative review yielded 20 articles and suggested that students in the position to assist others are more confident in communicating in groups and have higher knowledge in the subject they help with than their fellow peers. The literature showed that students in the position to assist others have defined personal and professional standards and leadership skills. However, there is little research on the benefits of being a tutor when compared with the benefits tutees obtain from coming to tutoring sessions. More research is needed to examine the effects of being a tutor. More specifically, there are no studies where the skills of nursing student tutors are compared with nursing student non-tutors. In this study, the researcher created a survey to evaluate nursing student tutors and non-tutors, their communication and leadership skills, as well as their personal and professional growth. Focus groups were created to provide tutors a means of discussing the personal and professional impact that tutoring has had on them. The study results indicated that tutors have decreased nervousness in public speaking, have higher confidence in their communication skills, share their life experiences to help others more often, and readily reach out to instructors and other tutors for assistance.


East Tennessee State University

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