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Marty Fitzgerald

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Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media

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Greg Marlow


This creative thesis involved making an animated short film from scratch, dubbed “Laundry Day” for the time being. The film follows two sentient clothing characters, a hoodie and a pair of pants, who need to get out of their owner’s room to get to the laundry room after accidentally being left behind. Please watch the short here and use the password “goodiehoodie”:


This was a time consuming, challenging, and multifaceted project, but provided an accurate glimpse into how feature animation is made. The process of making any project like this is commonly called a pipeline, and can be simplified to seven categories: Story, Character, Environment, Animation, Effects, and Rendering. This paper will go into each of these and explain the technical and creative challenges I had to overcome to reach the final product.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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