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Michelle Freeman

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Lana Becker


Strong ethics are critical to the success of each member of the business world, especially accountants. Because the work of accountants is utilized by both internal and external users and can have such widespread effect on the business community, it is imperative that this work is performed with the utmost accuracy, integrity and morality. The foundation for strong ethics begins before the accountant enters the workforce, and many colleges require dedicated ethics courses for accounting majors. The purpose of this project is to analyze the effectiveness of the ethics instruction, specifically in the absence of a required dedicated ethics course, at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). Two surveys will be administered to a sample of ETSU students in several classes within the undergraduate and graduate accounting programs and the results will be analyzed to determine if students’ understanding of ethics has increased over the semester. The results of this thesis are intended to provide the ETSU College of Business and Technology with vital information about how to improve the ethics instruction for undergraduate accounting students.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Withheld

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