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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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Gregory Marlow

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Engineering Technology, Surveying, and Digital Media

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Gregory Marlow, Marty Fitzgerald, Scott Contreras-Koterbay


Through all of human history, artists and other creators have been able to access the extraordinary state of flow to achieve amazing feats. Whether it be for a divine purpose, or simply making someone’s day a little better, art has been used to lift the spirits and nourish humanity. In our attempt to cope with the world in which we live, we have found this great mental resource, that has allowed for achievements that not one person could not attain on their own. In my observation, I have seen this euphoric cycle of flow change the lives of so many and provide the tools necessary to reach one’s full potential. Through my experience and research I created a visual representation of how I perceive the concept of flow using dance, animation, and the four elements as my inspiration.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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