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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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David Dixon

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Art and Design

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Scott Koterbay-Contreras, Mark Holland


Everybody lies. Everybody. The fact that everyone lies, however, is by no means a judgment; it is a good thing, a necessary thing. As far as I am concerned lying is the very foundation of our society. Nobody in the world tells the truth all the time, not because they are trying to be malevolently deceitful, of course, but out of necessity. Like the old adage says, the truth hurts. That is, in essence, the very heart of this body of work. Everyone tries so hard to not only convince others that the truth is a moral imperative, but also to convince themselves. Earth survives because it has an atmosphere;Mars hasnothing standing between it and the full of force of the Sun. A world full of truth is like life on Mars: much too harsh to survive. Were no one to ever lie again (conditioned as we are to not only ignore, but also to accept and expectthe small falsehoods that surround us at all times), the sheer force of that unbridled honesty would tear the very fabric of society apart. We have to staple our rose-colored glasses on so that the world goes down a little smoother.We lie to support modern society's obsession with things. We lie to support our reality because the lie is our reality. Deceit has become true and truth as been relegated to the world of fiction. People prefer it that way and I cannot say I blame them.

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