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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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Catherine Murray

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Art and Design

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Scott Contreras-Koterbay, Patrick Cronin


The artist discusses the background, ideas, and work entitled Archetypes in Clay, for the completion of her Bachelor of Arts Degree and undergraduate research for the Fine and Performing Arts Scholar program at East Tennessee State University. The artist used this development of work to explore personality types, and how they can be portrayed through clay vessels. In particular, the artist shows her work, how she created the vessels, the testing involved, and the struggles she faced. Archetypes is the focus behind the concept of this project. Her work includes four ceramic vessels, created with clay and finished with glaze. The artist cites Carl Jung, Isabel Briggs-Myers, and NERIS Analytics Limited as important research in this project.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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