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Joy Wachs

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Daniel Hedden, Dara Young


Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle, but participating in athletic activities like team sports can lead to injury. This study was designed to find the differences in types of high school sports injuries and how frequently these injuries occur among different sports and between males and females. A survey was given to members of the football, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball teams of a central Appalachian high school. The highest rate of injury was found in girls’ basketball at 86.7%, followed by football at 85.2%, boys’ basketball at 70.6%, softball and volleyball each at 69.2%, and baseball at 33.3%. Significant differences were also found between the most prevalent types of injuries in each sport. Differences in types of injuries were reported by male and female athletes who participated in comparable sports such as boys’ and girls’ basketball and softball and baseball. More research into why these differences exist could result in more individualized prevention strategies for high school athletes.


East Tennessee State University

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