The Association Constants for Three [Rh2(N{C6H5}COCH3]4 Isomers with Varying Mole Ratios of Imidazole

Carolyn Stanton, East Tennessee State University


Dirhodium complexes are catalytic agents used in many synthetic reactions but their mode of binding is not completely understood. Solutions containing 2,2-cis, 2,2-trans, and 3,1 [Rh2(N{C6H5}COCH3)4 isomers and with varying mole ratios of imidazole were analyzed using UV-Vis spectrophotometry. The association constants for 2,2-cis and 3,1 isomer were determined and analyzed. The 2,2-trans had concentration changes due to evaporation that prevented the association constant from being calculated.