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Victoria Palau

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Michael Cody, Cerrone Foster


Over 4,000 flavonoids have been identified, and among these, many of them are known to possess cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antitumor effects. However, most of these properties have yet to be fully understood. In this study, extracts from Gnaphalium gracile, thought to possess a mixture of flavonoids, have been tested for cytotoxic activity on pancreatic (MiaPaca, Panc28), colon (HCT-116, Caco-2), and prostate (PC3, LNCaP), cancer cell lines. Polar extracts from the leaves of G. gracile have the most cytotoxic effect on these cancer cell lines, particularly the prostate cancer cell lines PC3 and LNCaP. Evidence suggests the extracts have antineoplastic effects on these cancer cells lines possibly due to differentiation status on pancreatic and colon cancer, but not prostate cancer. Cytotoxic activity is not dependent on tumorigenic potential. Further research is needed to identify the bioactive compounds within these extracts.

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Honors Thesis - Withheld

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