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Midway Honors

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Jesse Graves

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Literature and Language

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Delanna Reed, Isabel Gomez Sobrino


My creative thesis, titled, The Recognition of Micro Poetry as a Literary Art Form across Time and Culture, is on micro poetry and its prevalence in the literary world of today and throughout history with examples of writings from past authors, like Emily Dickinson and William Carlos Williams and even as far back as Ancient Greece’s Sappho. Examples of my own micro poetry are included in the thesis. The period followed by two dashes, or .//, mark the beginning of each micro poem I have written. The poems end with one single dash, or /, and each poem is separated by two asterisks and a tilde, or *~*. I have also separated the poems in my thesis by themes. These poems show the relevance of micro poetry and the innovation one can achieve in writing such small works in today’s literature.

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Honors Thesis - Withheld

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