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Fine and Performing Arts Honors

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Donald Davis

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Art and Design

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Scott Contreras-Koterbay


The artist discusses the concept, imagery, and research influences behind a body of work entitled What We Give, for the completion of her Bachelor of Arts Degree and undergraduate research for the Fine and Performing Arts Scholars branch of East Tennessee State University’s Honors College. The artist used this body of work to explore her personal relationships with the ocean, Aspergers, and information. Particularly, the artist’s pseudo-mystic beliefs about the ocean, her frustrations with her life struggles, and fascinations with scientific facts and libation vessels are discussed. Dysfunctionality is cited as the driving force behind the thought process of the project. Her work includes two sculptural vessels, rendered in ceramics and painted with house paint. The artist cites gastropod shells, ancient libation vessels, and contemporary artists Marcel Duchamp, Beth Cavener Stichter, and Alison Evans as inspirations.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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