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Midway Honors

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Catherine Murray

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Art and Design

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Mary Jane Jacob, Michael McGill


The Role of Youth Arts: Providing Opportunity and Intervention for At-Risk Populations considers the positive outcomes of arts experiences during childhood and adolescence. The benefits of arts education include cognitive, social, and emotional growth. The arts are also seen to improve student learning, achievement, and engagement on many levels. Childhood arts participation directly affects adult arts engagement in which individuals gain the cultural capital that allows for social ascent. As well as being a means for opportunity, art can be used as a means of intervention for at-risk youth populations. Through art, children and teens find meaning, belonging, and success that they lack in other areas. This work will discuss my role developing an activity for an at-risk youth program called PATROL, that partners Johnson City police officers with children from local housing authorities. The programs teaches positive actions and decision making while offering support and mentorship for the youth participants.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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