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Honors in Business

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Dr. Gary Burkette

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Dr. James Rundall, Dr. Cathy Whaley


This study will concentrate on the latest factor causing changes in the domain of accountancy: technological advances. With a great deal of creativity and ingenuity, accountants around the world were able to find solutions to one of the problems that arose: increased fraudulent behavior. These, at times, involved a level of technology that was still not fully understood by all its users. This paper is going to focus on one of the ways that technology was applied to react to these changes: continuous auditing and monitoring. The idea of continuously auditing/monitoring the events and transactions of companies is not a new one, but innovations in technology have redefined it. Through explanation and demonstration of three continuous auditing models, this paper will attempt to bring some light on the topic and give an insight on the technology required for such a practice to be carried out effectively. Possible drawbacks and obstacles of incorporating the system in a company’s day-to-day activities will be also looked at, and recommendations will be made.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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