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Honors in Psychology

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Dr. Peggy Cantrell

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This project investigates the relationship between adherence to traditional masculinity and approval of selected advertising images. Because traditional masculinity includes characteristics supportive of aggression and dominance; I hypothesize that an increase in adherence to traditional masculinity will correlate with approval of the violence found in some print advertisements. Participants include 259 men who completed an anonymous, online, survey. Adherence to masculinity is measured using the Male Role Norm Inventory-Revised (MRNI-R) (Levant, et. al, 2007). Each picture is scored on a 5-point Likert Scale. As hypothesized, an increase in total MRNI-R score, is significantly correlated with an increase in the approval of the depiction of women, men and male/female interactions, with (r=.340, a=0.01) (r=.244, a=0.01) (r=.360, a=0.01), respectively. The results indicate that men reporting adherence to traditional masculinity also see violence in advertising positively. Future research should further examine marketing and its relationship with gender role acquisition, and violence in intimate partners.

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Honors Thesis - Withheld

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