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[Honors-in-Discipline (Choose below)], Honors in Theatre and Dance

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Bobby Funk

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Cara Harker, Delbert Hall


My thesis gives insight on directing a main stage production at the collegiate level as a student. Specifically directing Tradin’ Paint, an original piece from playwright Catherine Bush a native of Abingdon Virginia, and a company playwright for the Barter Theatre. In the thesis I discuss how I arrived at different conclusions for my show through different research. I discuss the experience of being a director over professors, and my own peers, and how all of these challenges and discoveries eventually gave me a finished product to be proud of. If a director were to look at this work, they will find chapter two interesting, as it is my prompt book, with blocking and little notes on the script. This thesis is a great representation of a student directing thesis: Directing a Main stage Show.


East Tennessee State University

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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