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University Honors, Honors in Technology

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Michael Lehrfeld

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Computer and Information Sciences

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Vijay Bhuse, Karen Korweibel, Christopher Wallace


Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are becoming more common, and they are holding more information. This includes private information such as contacts, financial data, and passwords. At the same time these devices have network capability with access to the Internet being a prime feature. Little research has been done in observing the network traffic produced by these mobile devices. To determine if private information was being transmitted without user knowledge, the mobile capture lab and a set of procedures have been created to observe, capture and analyze the network traffic produced by mobile devices. The effectiveness of the lab and procedures has been evaluated with the analysis of four common mobile devices. The data analyzed from the case studies indicates that, contrary to popular opinion, very little private information is transmitted in clear text by mobile devices without the user’s knowledge.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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