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Midway Honors

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Diana Mozen

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Kinesiology, Leisure and Sport Sciences

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William Dalton III, Jeremy Gentles


The use of peer facilitators is considered to be an effective method used in various settings, both educational and other forms of support and therapy groups. Though there is an extensive amount of research using peer facilitators, there is a minimal amount describing the effects that these various groups have on the facilitators themselves. Teacher enthusiasm has been researched and proven to be an important and effective tool when enhancing the learning experience and knowledge outcomes of students. The Team Up for Healthy Living program is a grant funded program utilizing peer facilitators in an attempt to educate high school students on obesity prevention. The purpose of this thesis is to review the impact of teacher enthusiasm in the classroom, assess the impact of enthusiasm of the teachers over one peer facilitator during the Team Up for Healthy Living program on the facilitator herself, how the students responded, and how this could be applied to creating a more effective teaching environment. This was completed through analysis of prior literature review, as well as personal experience and journal keeping during the intervention.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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