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C. Wesley Buerkle

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In this thesis I will look at Disney/Pixar’s creation and portrayal of gender in the film WALL-E. In particular I will be looking at two areas of interest: (1) The ways in which Disney/ Pixar anthropomorphizes and creates gender for WALL-E and EVE, the two main robots featured in the movie, and (2) whether or not Disney/Pixar’s representations of masculinity and femininity follow the stereotypical representations of male dominance or if this representations challenge this stereotype. In this chapter, I will begin with a brief overview of previous studies in the areas of anthropomorphism, gender representation in children’s media, and the effects of gender portrayal in children’s media. In Chapter 2 I will then move into a description of feminist criticism, the method by which I plan to analyze WALL-E. In Chapter 3, my analysis will be looking at Disney/Pixar’s creation of gender for WALL-E and EVE, the degree of male centeredness and male dominance present in WALL-E, and the ways in which females are marginalized and femininity is portrayed as non-normative.

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Honors Thesis - Open Access

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