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Midway Honors, Honors in Nursing

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Sharon Loury, Joellen Edwards

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Kathy Rayman, Ardis Nelson


The purpose is to promote culturally competent care among healthcare providers by identifying and describing how Hispanics in East Tennessee view health and what they do to prevent illness. A focus group of six to ten Hispanics of mixed genders over age eighteen moderated by a native Spanish-speaking interpreter. Questions explored how Hispanics define health and sickness, health maintenance practices, and alternative medicines and practices. Results were interpreted from Spanish to English to be analyzed. The Circle in Which You Live was described by members as consisting of relationships, physical health, and peace of the mind and soul. In Shutting Themselves in Their Stress, group members described Hispanic women specifically as experiencing stress most often. Members explored how the mind attracts illness, types of pain, and nonpharmacological remedies in The Problems Do Not End. Stress is a major concern for health. Hispanics have a very holistic view of health. Pain relief methods mentioned by participants include distraction, bags of ice, and relaxation. Healthcare providers need to take time to ask about specific stressors in patient’s lives, collaborate with the patient, and explore ways to decrease and manage stress in a culturally sensitive manner.

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